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Innovative Equipment Solutions

We’re committed to helping your district find ways to continue uninterrupted milk service for all students. Consider the equipment options listed here, and contact us at to learn more.

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Suggested Milk Service Equipment

Please refer to your individual school district’s procedure on equipment purchases.

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Cambro Manufacturing Beverage Dispenser

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Silver King® Refrigerated Milk Dispenser

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Insulated Bags and Dividers

No Lift Pouring Aid
½ Gallons and 2-liter Jugs

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Note: In addition to the items listed here, please also consider reaching out to equipment vendors such as these:

Latest State & Federal Information

Below is an archive of the most up-to-date information and guidance from the USDA as well as from state education and agriculture departments within our 6-state region. Please use these links as a reference to your state’s latest information relating to the milk carton supply shortages. As more resources become available, we will continue to post new information on this website.

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USDA Food and Nutrition Service

Click here for Clarification of Allowable Flexibilities for Child Nutrition Programs Experiencing Milk Supply Shortages


Click here for the Pennsylvania Department of Education Q&A Memo


Click here for the Maryland Department of Education Memo

New York:

Click here for the New York State Department of Education Memo

Click here for a letter from Upstate Niagara Cooperative, Inc.

New Jersey:

Click here for the New Jersey Department of Education Memo


Click here for the Virginia Department of Education Memo

All of the above guidance and equipment information may be conveniently downloaded.

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