Milk on the Move

Serving Milk During School Closures

Download our resource for serving milk during school closures. Info includes tips on freezing
milk and U
SDA guidance on bulk milk usage during school closures.

Mobilizing Milk Stations

Set up milk stations – with rolling coolers – for easier access during classroom meal delivery. You’ll simplify the distribution process and keep milk cold throughout the serving period.

Remember, students drink more milk – and get more of the nine essential nutrients – if you serve it to them COLD! Always strive for 35 degrees for storage and delivery of milk. Download valuable tips below!

Strive35 300

Four-crate milk coolers provide an easy way for staff to deliver milk with meals and to boost student access.

Two-crate milk coolers are ideal for smaller classrooms or for use in conjunction with remote meal kiosks.

For better taste, longer freshness and more effective nutrition delivery, ensure that your milk is kept cold! Participate in the Strive for 35 program for more cold milk assistance.

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The New Yogurt Toolkit is Here for You!

Newly created for spring of 2021, this all-digital kit will help you promote yogurt-based menu items “all ways.” That means all kinds of yogurt – smoothies, parfaits, cups and dips – as well as all the times it can be served, driving student participation during all school meal periods. Download the entire kit, with posters, tips sheets, recipes, presentation suggestions and more.

For an easy demonstration of how to make popular Blueberry Smoothies, watch this awesome video from the great nutrition staff at Brighton Central School District in Rochester, NY.

Looking for a great way to avoid spills? Use cup dividers to transport smoothies and parfaits, keeping them upright, clean and ready to go!

For better taste, longer freshness and more effective nutrition delivery, ensure that your milk is kept cold! Participate in the Strive for 35 program for more cold milk assistance.

School Breakfast is Integral to the Academic Day.

Whether children are in school, at home or on a hybrid schedule, a nutritious breakfast is essential to learning readiness and long-term success.​

Check out these tips for keeping school breakfast integral to the academic day.

Access the SNA Toolkit for more Breakfast Week ideas.

View our on-demand webinar about the new 2020-2025 Dietary Guidelines.

See how the popular Fuel Up to Play 60 program is getting kids excited about school breakfast!

This resource offers guidance for everything from menus to student activities to make your program a success.

Hot Chocolate Milk for Students

Throughout this unprecedented school year, American Dairy Association North East has been supporting School Nutrition Directors with keeping students engaged and excited about school meals. To achieve this, we’ve helped schools implement new menu items such as Hot Chocolate Milk, an item students love with meals.


Make hot chocolate milk one part of the grab & go options on kiosks, while providing prepackaged meals to your students.

Pre-pour hot chocolate milk cups for easy student retrieval. Use a program-branded dispenser to help market this item throughout the school day.

To make the most of your Hot Chocolate Milk program, download our helpful resources including FAQs, Best Practices, Promotional items and more.