COVID-19 Tools

Developing an effective school nutrition plan that works for your school is a big undertaking. Use our Assessment Tool on this page to get started. Each tab below addresses an important topic, with suggestions and questions to consider during the planning stage.

  • Have you forecasted your budget for next year? Is it a loss?
  • Have you proactively communicated your budget to the superintendent and any other stakeholders?
  • What are your COVID-19 meals per labor hour vs. “Pre-COVID”?
  • Assess the current state of all service equipment
  • Identify any equipment items (kiosks, salad bars, etc.) that can be repurposed to deliver meals
  • Identify new packaging solutions to ensure contactless meals
  • Prepare for meetings with principals, teachers and custodians
  • Identify number of classrooms and number of students per classroom per building
  • Review all school schedules to identify menu ordering, meal placement, delivery options, etc.
  • What are the menu implications?
  • Are there options that are off the table (salad bars, vending, etc.)?
  • What are the opportunities (such as prepackaged entrees)?
  • Does your district already use an “App” to communicate with students and parents? Could you tap into it for pre-ordering?
  • Could you explore pre-ordering with something as simple as a Google or Microsoft form?
  • Identify current procurement plan
  • Communicate with your vendors on a regular basis so they know what you think you will need
  • Are you able to make substitutions from your approved product list to get items in the form and packaging you need?
  • Is there a plan to monitor and respond to a higher than normal level of absenteeism?
  • Do you have a protocol to check employee health and personal hygiene practices within your food establishment?
  • Will you provide protective PPE for employees?
  • Obtain masks, gloves, partitions at cashier stations, hand sanitizer, etc.
  • Is there a plan or policy for an adequate supply of personal protective equipment (PPE) and/or cloth face coverings?
  • Identify placement for hand sanitizer stations
  • Have you determined measures to minimize face-to-face contact between workers, customers and visitors?
  • Restrict the number of employees in shared spaces, including kitchens, to maintain distance between people
  • Ensure distancing during meal preparation and service

Safety & Social Distancing

As we all adapt to new and different protocols, you can rely on a variety of resources to help you keep in step with all safety and social distancing requirements. 

Safety for Students & Staff

All staff has the right to feel safe in their work environment.
Provide necessary protective equipment for all staff members, especially those serving meals in a public facing role.

Provide staff with face shields and disposable masks

Monitor employee temperatures

Ensure hand sanitization stations are well stocked

Strategies for Ensuring Student Safety

Strategies for ensuring student safety are tied to preparing students to learn and excel in school. Following these important steps will enhance the well-being of every student.

Provide wall-mounted hand sanitizers

Label social distancing expectations

Provide more food stations for students

Maintaining Social Distancing

Maintaining social distancing in a school will be one of the most difficult challenges moving forward. When you access available resources and implement new thinking, the task becomes more manageable.

Create one-way hallways and staircases

Exit only doorways

Add floor decals and reminder signage

Signage & Floor Decals

Remembering all the rules associated with the “new normal” is difficult for anyone – especially children. Clear signs and easy-to-understand floor markings will make life easier for everyone.

PPE & Sanitization

Personal Protective Equipment and sanitization supplies are essential to maintain a safe environment for staff and students.

Face masks, and possibly face shields, will be necessary to ensure the safety of your staff and students.

Health monitoring by temperature checking and employee hygiene will become a part of the routine.

Mobile hand sanitizer stations will be a necessary part of the meal service process. It should be available for both parties - staff and students.

COVID-19 Resources & Waivers